Smart Water? Really?

While Jennifer Aniston’s sexy video-gone-viral – in which she does a fabulous job peddling bottled Smart Water — may have been entertaining (I admit to laughing and to some long-ago allegiance to Friends), it is a pity she didn’t put her womanly wiles to much higher use.  Instead, why not shout out the truth about bottled water?  Oh, wait, that doesn’t pay…

In case you haven’t heard, the price of bottled water is as much as 10,000 times that of tap water (aren’t we in an economic depression, people?), is not subject to the same testing requirements, and the bottle in which it is housed requires lots of oil (and thus has a hefty water footprint to boot), may leach contaminants into the water, and likely ends up as part of the 3.5 million ton, continent-sized heap of debris — the Great Pacific Garbage Patch - drifting aimlessly somewhere between San Francisco and Hawaii.  What would Leonardo diCaprio think, Jen?

Join Plastic Free Ocean or Canada’s Inside the Bottle: The People’s Campaign on the Bottled Water Industry and check out NRDC’s study documenting the inadequacies of bottled water regulations to assure purity or safety.  Better yet, drink tap water! 

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